This Mother’s Day we continue our celebration of inspiring women. Meet Claire Fabb, we spoke with her about the joys, lessons and most-cherished moments of motherhood.

What about motherhood brings you the most joy?

Without a doubt spending time with my daughters Indiana (16), Milla (14) and my stepson Charlie (15). Their humour, perspective, their friends…how they interact and love one another unconditionally and have their own teenage ‘language’ is pretty unique. Motherhood brings much joy as well as huge belly laughs and very entertaining, loud family meals.


In the past year, what is the most important lesson you have learnt?  

That positive, quality time means everything. Usually weekends are busy as they are all out playing sport, going to the beach or seeing friends, however during the period when we were in lockdown there was none of this. So, Indi, Milla and Charlie were at home with us all the time which I loved (a silver lining whilst experiencing such a devastating global pandemic). Now we commit to Sunday afternoons for quality family time.

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What would be your advice to mothers balancing family and work?

It’s a lot different having teenagers who are independent as opposed to having younger children. Teenagers have their own lives and as young adults your role as a mother changes from being ‘mothering’ to ‘guiding’. You want them to spread their wings and find their own way, but also have the security of knowing that if they fall, you will always be there to pick them up.


What does self-care look like to you?

Making time every day to do something for myself, even if it’s just a glass of wine whilst cooking or a cup of herbal tea and chocolate before bed, but mostly a full night of uninterrupted sleep is very, very sweet.

What have you learnt as a mum that has shaped your outlook on life?

Gosh, so much. My children have fundamentally brought so much richness into my life. A fierce kind of love, patience, compassion, empathy, purpose, fulfilment, laughter and joy.

How will you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

With my family and my wonderful mother-in-law having a delicious lunch at home.


What’s the best advice your mum has given you about motherhood?

 She simply said, “follow your instincts, you are wonderful.” My mum was an incredible champion of me and a loving, completely obsessed, smotherer of kisses and cuddles, kind of grandmother.