We all have few items in the back of our wardrobe that we’ve never worn. They were impulse buys, or a snap sale decision. They’re clothes that we have nothing to wear with – or clothes that just don’t suit us. In fact, one in three* Aussie women have more than five items of clothing that they’ve never worn in their wardrobe right now.

While it’s great to hear that so many people have a passion for fashion, no-one likes to think of all those poor clothes going unloved. Clothes should make you feel comfortable in yourself – but there’s often a balance between celebrating your own style and getting carried away by trends. The shortcut to achieving the perfect wardrobe is…. Shop smarter.

1. Before you spend, have a clear out.
Check what you’ve already got in your wardrobe before you add to it, and try to get rid of anything you know you don’t wear. This way, you’ll have a cupboard full of clothes you love wearing, and will only have to face the decision of which lovely piece to choose first! Read our steps to spring clean your wardrobe here.

2. Set a plan.
Plan out what you need to buy vs. what you want to buy. You can even add in a budget to needs vs. wants, meaning you’ll soon have a wardrobe full of items you can’t wait to wear. When you do buy the items you need, aim for quality rather than quantity. Good-quality materials will keep their shape and colours better so all you have to do is follow the care instructions on the label.

3. Think about it.
If you’re not sure whether or not you like an item of clothing, leave it a while, and if you’re still thinking about it a day or so later, chances are you’re going to make the most out of it if you were to buy it. As well as this, adopt in a new motto – if in doubt, get a second opinion.

4. Take the capsule approach.
Capsule wardrobes are sets of clothes that all work together for a variety of different occasions. Match your tops to your skirts and your trousers to your shirts, or something to that effect – this way, you’ll never be stuck with a beautiful piece of clothing that just gets left behind as you have nothing to wear with it.

5. Check the store policy.
Knowing the policies around shipping and returns will help you to make the right decision before you buy. If you want the item for a specific date, you’ll have to plan accordingly. If you’re not sure about the fit of an item, you’ll need to know you can return it. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with an item you’re never going to wear because of a complicated returns process.

6. Avoid the bargain bug.
Although it can be tempting, try not to be swayed by a bargain. There’s nothing worse than being lumbered with discounted items that you bought just for the great deal. It’s only worth it if you actually like it!

* Survey Methodology
Pure Profile conducted the survey as commissioned by David Lawrence. A representative sample of 1000 Australian men and women were surveyed via online panel.

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