Tips & Tricks For Long Haul Travel

Holidays are great, there’s no doubt about it, once the plane ticket is booked the countdown is on.┬áThe only thing is the travel time – 24 hours to London on a plane is no one’s idea of fun. Luckily we’ve put some survival tips together to help that long haul journey that little bit more bearable.

Comfort is Key: A soft, lightweight knit is an ideal option for travel. Our Holly fine-knit jumper is a perfect mid weight, crafted from a breathable cotton and wool blend, designed for a loose and relaxed fit through the body making it an ideal in-flight companion.

Sleep Kit Essentials: A silk eye-mask, good quality ear plugs and cashmere socks are key for getting some much needed rest on a long journey. Avoid scratchy airline blankets by packing a soft and versatile modal scarf- for added relaxation spritz on a little lavender oil prior to departure.

Beauty Essentials: An eight our journey is the perfect time to catch up on that much neglected skincare regime. Pack miniature versions of your favourite beauty products and create a mini spa on the plane!

Relax and Enjoy the Journey: In a 24-7 world, a long haul flight can be a rare opportunity for a real digital detox. Switch off your phone, pick up a paperback and take this dreaded journey as a chance for some well-deserved time to yourself.

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