Tips on packing for a weekend away

Looking forward to a few days away this Australia Day but can’t bear the thought of trying to pack everything into one small suitcase? Try using one or more of these tricks to keep your cool when packing for a summer weekend away.

1. Write it down
Before packing anything, make a list. Use your list as a guide to visualize the size of the carry-on you’ll need for your trip. Most importantly, will it all fit in your cabin-approved suitcase and can you lift it above your shoulders, into the overhead lockers!?

2. Back to basics
Pack versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down in solid basics and then add a few bolder prints. Think: classic t-shirts, a great pair of wrinkle-resistant pants and wash-and-go fabrics that transition from day to night. Our secret weapon? Always pack a chic scarf that can keep you warm but doubles as a great accessory when tied on to your bag or worn as a headscarf.

3. Mind and body
Combat dry skin, nails and hair with nourishing coconut oil – and choose hydrating skincare products (Kiehls is one of our go-to brands) to avoid dry skin. Don’t forget to keep hydrated on the inside too – water is your friend!

4. Bag it up
Whether you are a roll-it-up or fold-it-flat packer, keep your items organized by zipping them into separate bags. Compartments eliminate loose items moving around during travel and save valuable space, squeezing extra room out of your carry-on. (Don’t have fabric pouches to spare? Use clear plastic bags like extra-large zip lock freezer bags – they keep your items separate and the clear material makes it easy to track down what you need, and quickly).

5. Stay connected
Unless you’re fully unplugging, your tech is essential. But it adds significant weight, so pack only the technology you need e.g. your phone and kindle. Pack your tech last to make it easily accessible at airport security (Pro-tip: love your tech? When selecting your next carry-on suitcase, reach for those marked as “business” – they’re specially designed to offer more compartments that are specifically sized to fit your laptop and phone, making it easier to get them in and out quickly and discreetly during transit).

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