The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Sale

We all have that one item – ok more than one item – that we have been eyeing off and just waiting to go on sale. Come sale time though, sometimes the effort to fight the crowds, find parking at the shopping centre and/or juggling the kids are just too much.

Lucky for us (depends who you ask), this isn’t our first rodeo so we have put together our tips for surviving sale and getting in and out with minimal fuss.

Do your research

At times like these, the internet is a godsend! If you aren’t shopping online or your size has sold out, then check the in-store availability. Feel free to email their customer care team who should be able to provide this information.

Don’t forget to write down the style number and name in case you need to ask the shop assistant once in store. This will also help if shopping online as you can easily search these instead of scrolling through numerous pages to find your item.

Shop in the morning

If you’re not a morning person naturally, this may seem a little extra effort, but believe us it’s worth it. Opting to tackle the sales first thing is less stress on all accounts – you find parking easily, less crowds and most importantly, you have first pick at the clothes.

There is nothing worse than getting to the shops only to find you made the journey and the items you want are sold out. On top of that, arriving anywhere from midday onwards normally always means you will be fighting to rummage through stacks of clothes, mangled coat hangers and wading through piles of clothes around the change room.

If morning really is not an option, then try to venture away from the city and to shopping centres that may not be as busy.

Map your plan of attack

In most cases, stores will re-arrange their layout for sale, either pushing all to the front of the store or strategically placed throughout. Once inside, do a quick walk around and devise a plan to tackle the best route – navigating around randomly will only be more stressful and may cause you to miss certain sections.

If you return for a second round days later and you find the layout has changed (most cases it would as the merchandising teams will move items in accordance to stock, trends, colour or best sellers), then repeat the steps above.

Be prepared

To our previous point, make sure you take note of any style numbers or product codes. If you can’t find the item on the shop floor a sale assistant will be able to look this up straight away and let you know if in fact they have any in stock. It may be an item is out the back, on hold or due to arrive from other stores so be sure to ask.

Online shopping is an option too

Although the traditional method of going in to stores is tempting, sometimes we are just so time poor that this may not be an option. In that case, you can shop from the comfort of your home or on the daily commute to/from work.

In some cases, there will be early sale offers online before the store that can ensure you get that piece before it sells out. Also, add items to your wish list (if that function is available) – this will enable you to simply add all the items you want straight away from your list without having to find them once they go on sale.

Be patient

Remember, you are not the only one shopping sale, so whether in store or online, take a deep breath and allow for a little extra time for trying on clothes, going through the checkout and for receiving your order.

Also, the staff in store are more than happy to help but it is no easy task servicing hundreds of customers daily and re folding the same piles of clothes 10 times a day, so please be patient with our retail teams.

Keep your receipts

This really applies all year around, but even more so during sale. Even if you tried the item on in store, we all sometimes get home and think, “Oh this dress doesn’t go with these shoes, I’ll just return it”. This is absolutely fine, but stores have rules they need to follow too, and in most cases receipts are a must when exchanging or refunding items.

Know the overall returns policy beforehand to avoid any disappointment when it comes to returning any items.

With all that said…

happy shopping!!!

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