The perfect handbag for the occasion

A handbag can be the accessory that either makes or breaks an outfit. Too big and clunky and it can bring down a sophisticated look, but too small and dainty and you can’t take all that you need with you – so how do you find the balance?

Matching to the occasion
Formal occasions and large handbags aren’t a match made in heaven, funnily enough. But this doesn’t mean you have to forego the essentials just because they won’t fit in your clutch bag.

Handbags with shorter straps are a great way to maintain the sophisticated look, without being bulky. Plus, while carrying them in your hand can look great with your outfit, you can easily sling them over your shoulder when you need them out the way.

A stylish tote or shopper is ideal for smart business events, giving you plenty of space to keep the essentials safe. For other formal occasions, the material can sometimes contribute to what makes it appear smart – with leather bags or those with minimal patterns providing the best solution.

A long weekender
Weekender bags can also make sturdy additions to your wardrobe, particularly if you’re planning a trip away. Leather or canvas choose a style ideal versatile for weekend breaks that can double up as a handbag as well as a cross-body bag when filled with all your holiday essentials.

A celebration
When you’ve got a date to celebrate, such as wedding or birthday party, it’s unlikely you’re going to have to take a lot with you. Sometimes, all you need is a little place to store your money, which is where a smart purse comes in handy. Styles such as this, or this, are great for storing your money, yet stylish enough to stand alone as an accessory – perfect!

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