Spring Fashion Layering Tips

Layering is the ultimate fashion skill that really allows you to make the most of your wardrobe. Master that and you can create a stylish look for just about any occasion. But the skill starts in choosing the right items to have in your wardrobe in the first place, here we take a look at some of the essentials for layering.

David Lawrence Layering

The First Layer
One of the most important things to consider when layering is the material. This is especially important for the layer that’ll be closest to your skin, as synthetic materials could make you uncomfortable and even irritate your skin if you’re particularly sensitive. Cotton is your best bet – and something with short sleeves is ideal.

Consider Colour
With essential items, it’s best to go with neutral colours, as these are more likely to be paired well with other clothes. White, black or navy is a good place to start, and keep the design to a minimum too – stripes are ideal for keeping things basic, but not too plain.

The Outer Layer
A good jacket can serve you well from occasion to occasion. They’re great for travelling to and from the office, for when you need something extra on a weekend, and they’re even lightweight enough to just take along as a just-in-case. A trench coat is the ideal style to wear to a multitude of events – whether formal or informal.

For when a jacket’s too much, but a simple top’s not enough, the jumper is the ideal in-between. Choosing a mixture of wool and cotton like in this style, means it’s sure to keep you warm, as well as leaving enough space for you to wear an extra layer underneath should you need to.

The Middle Layer
If you’re planning on wearing a jacket, sometimes the middle layer is crucial. That’s why something lightweight with a more relaxed fit can be ideal. Shirts make an excellent middle layer, as you can easily incorporate a cotton T-shirt underneath, with plenty of room to add a jacket on top too.

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