Set yourself up for success in 2017

I love how the click of just one second of the clock transitions us immediately in to a new year, and with it the promise of a fresh start, a revitalised outlook and the excitement of setting audacious goals that we now have 365 days to achieve.

It’s time to make the most of 2017. My challenge to you is to channel your energy in February in to two things:

  1. Take the time to reflect on everything you achieved in 2016. Think about your big wins – how have they increased your success? Have you leveraged them to their full extent? Think about your losses – what have you learned from them? What will you do differently next time? Think about everything that gives you joy and resolve to carve out more time for these. Think about everything that causes you sadness and resolve to address these or to let them go.
  1. Take the time to plan for 2017. What do you want to achieve across each part of your whole – family; work; community; yourself? Set at least one big, audacious goal for each quadrant, write it down and pin it somewhere you can view it and reflect on it each day.

This is what I do each year:

Board of Wins: reflection is easy when it is a daily ritual. I have a Board in my office and I write on it every Win from 1 January to 31 December. There is nothing better than to see the list grow each week – it brings with it such a huge sense of accomplishment. But moreover, it means you can capture every single win, large and small – from winning a new client to having carved out the time in your diary for a morning walk with the dog. It also allows you to celebrate your wins every day – if you are feeling flat or unmotivated or that inner voice is starting to plant doubts, you have your Board of Wins sitting right there ready to jolt you back to reality.

A Win can be anything – as long as it brings with it a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction – write it up. For example, a big Win for me in 2016 was creating a wonderful partnership with the iconic Australian fashion brand, David Lawrence.

As a Speaker and Author I often used to find myself gazing at my wardrobe trying to work out what to wear for my next event. What colours suit me? What did I wear last time? What will look great under lights? What is my brand? Is this outfit consistent with my image? It was a constant frustration, and it grated on me enormously as I resent wasting my time on anything – and this wardrobe analysis was most definitely a waste of my time.

Since partnering with DL, all frustration and wardrobe deliberation has been removed. The staff at DL help me select styles and colours that work best for me. I love the cut of their clothes. I love the fabric and how it looks and feels on my body – I love that I feel confident and attractive. I love the simplicity of selecting what to wear each day and the ease of caring for their clothes. A big Win for me in 2016.

Visions Board: setting and achieving goals must also become part of your daily ritual. For 2017 I have set up a Vision Board of everything I want to achieve. I plan to add to it regularly as a new goal or insight strikes me.

I sit my Vision Board along side my Board of Wins to keep me focused and motivated. I have everything on there from targeted clients I want to win, partnerships I want to achieve, countries I want to work in, the mum I want to be, the language I want to learn, the time I want to devote to exercise and self-love, the friend, sister and daughter I want to be, and more. It’s a big, big Board – there is still a lot of empty space to fill in.

And frankly, I can’t wait.

Set up your own Board of Wins and Vision Board for 2017 and celebrate every day as you achieve your most audacious goals.

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Kate Christie, the CEO of Time Stylers, is a Time Management specialist, speaker and best-selling author of Me Time: The Professional Woman’s Guide to finding 30 guilt-free hours a month. Kate’s second book, SMART Time Management for Doctors, will be published in 2017 (it has to be – it’s on her Vision Board!).


Main image source: Success Magazine

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