Why The Wrap Dress Is The Best Invention

The wrap dress was first introduced in the 1970’s and it quickly became a popular clothing item with celebrities and regular women alike. It has become become a symbol of femininity, women’s freedom, a staple, and so much more than just a dress.

To this day the wrap dress is the #1 Dress that works for all body types, all women, all occasions and events. It perfectly blends effortlessness, femininity, sexiness, casual, sophisticated, elegance. It’s easy to get into, and easier to get out of. The need to for fashion yet comfort and function means the wrap dress is here to stay and more popular than ever.

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How to care for Wool

Our tips and tricks on caring for your favourite knitwear pieces.

Begin by always checking the care label on your knitwear pieces, as some may be machine washed on wool settings. Most knits however fare best when washed by hand and by following these 3 cardinal rules.

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How To Wear Prints

If you’ve shunned the prints portion of your wardrobe, convinced that polka dots and stars aren’t boosting your style game, it’s time to think again. Some of our favourite fashion bloggers are doing print on print both for weekend casual and a playful but still polished look for the office.

When worn correctly, the right print and patterns will not only liven up our outfit but also be incredibly flattering.

How To Wear Prints

Women tend to shy away from prints, they think they’ll look over the top or that a print will make them seem bigger. Don’t right them off just yet, if you do, you’re missing out on an opportunity to add life to your wardrobe—not to mention all the great things they can do for your body. For instance, framing horizontal striped with a dark blazer, makes you look slimmer. Who doesn’t love that?

How To Pull Off Prints Like A Pro

  1. A denim shirt gives print pants an easy vibe. Leave it untucked to get some coverage in the hip area.
  2. Pants with a straight leg and a flat front are slimming — no matter how bold the pattern.
  3. Go with neutral or dark prints until you feel confident enough for colours.
  4. The easiest way to try prints is with a shoe. They’re fun but not a huge commitment.
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8 Tips to dressing taller

dressing taller

Are you under 5 foot 4? Let’s face it, we’re not all the 6 foot plus glamazons that grace the runway and magazine covers but that doesn’t mean we can’t have their style, and look just as tall whilst doing it.

1. The V-Neck Illusion

Taking the focus away from your midsection forces the main point of concentration higher up where you can accessorise your look with a statement necklace if you wish. Just remember to not show too much skin to keep an overall sophisticated look.


2. Back To Basics

Monochrome has always been our friend. By wearing one colour, particularly darker tones like navy, black and grey, this age old trick will help enhance your body by creating a vertical line. This distracts the eye, and often creates the illusion of being taller. If you want some colour, keep it simple and stick to one lighter shade for your bag or shoes.

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5 Basic Rules
To a Perfect Wardrobe

1. Balance

Have a healthy mix of classic and statement pieces.

2. Quality

Invest in high quality, long-term pieces that will last for seasons.

3. Form & Function

Your clothes should be beautiful, easy to wear and comfortable.

4. Versatility

Stock up on clothing that can be dressed up or down to suit all occasions.

5. Personality

Don’t follow trends. Let your clothing be a reflection of who you are.

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