Major Moments in Fashion History

As we celebrate our 40th year anniversary, we reflect back on our journey and what this milestone means for us. As a brand that was born from independent women taking to the workforce, we have continued to reflect the progressive lives and values of the women who wear us. We recently sat down with some of our amazing team members over the years both past and present to take a look back at some iconic moments in fashion.

From Humble Beginnings

The late 70s marked a critical time not only in fashion history but for David Lawrence as well. The Women’s movement was in full swing; as their lives changed, so too did their wardrobes. Women finally had the need, the financial independence and the disposable income for high quality, luxurious garments, suitable for the office. In 1978 David Lawrence was born, taking our place in the market as the first Australian brand that designed specifically for the working woman.

Christine Ryan, who has been with the brand for seven years recalls how David Lawrence has continued to evolve with our customer as she progresses through life, always designing with the modern woman in mind. As she became more independent and confident, “our hemlines rose and our denim became more comfortable. We believed in giving women the freedom to dress how they want.”

Featured: Christine Ryan

Dressed Up in Denim

Fast forwarding a couple of decades, Sarah Calvert – a David Lawrence designer for 5 years, reminisced on the ‘Dressed up Denim’ trend that took the 2000s by storm! For those of you who can recall – this was a time to bring the bootleg pant back and the introduction of smart denim. This trend had a huge impact on women’s wardrobes. They were pairing jeans with heels and silk blouses for an elegant evening look and even wearing denim to the office. Sarah noted the success of David Lawrence when we first introduced what is now an iconic staple of the brand; our denim range. The 2000s saw the modern woman on the go, take her reign as the hostess, the worker and the busy socialite. She needed casual options for her busy lifestyle. At this time, we revolutionised our range, offering elevated approaches to closet casuals, from dressed up jersey tees to flowy, silk blouses. Sarah shared her thoughts with us, saying “I think providing easy wardrobe solutions for the woman on the go will always be an important focus for David Lawrence”.

Featured: Sarah Calvert

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The David Lawrence Woman

40 years from our conception on the Collins St strip of Melbourne, we reflect back and are proud of how David Lawrence has and continues to evolve with the women who wear it. In celebration of 40 years alongside the David Lawrence woman – we asked some of our team how they would describe the DL woman.

Christine Ryan described her as “loyal…confident with a good sense of fashion style. She trusts our brand to deliver modern pieces, designed to last”. Reflecting on our customers’ multifaceted lives; Gordana Kitic-Balic, who has been with the business an impressive 9 years, described her as “financially independent and taking on more corporate and professional roles.”

Featured: Gordana Kitic-Balic

What is Ambition?

In light of our new campaign; Tailored for Ambition, we also wanted to find out what ambition in today’s era means. Gordana’s definition is “The ambitious woman in the modern age seamlessly balances life and work. Confident and driven women inspire me because that determined mindset is contagious. The ambition of these women inspire me to work to my full potential.”

It is this determination we recognise and celebrate on our 40th anniversary. We celebrate people like you, reading this now. Thank you for following us on this amazing journey.

Love, David Lawrence

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