In Conversation: Shea Morrison & Danielle Knight

Introducing Shea and Danielle, two working Australian mothers, entrepreneurs and the founders of The Goodnight Co., a luxury Australian brand that was founded to help women, especially mothers, fall back in love with sleep. Danielle, a mother of three, and Shea, a mother of two, know how important sleep is for mothers and through The Goodnight Co. they try to simplify the science of sleep and help women develop healthy sleeping habits. For Mother’s Day we joined forces with them at the stunning grounds of Springfield Farm in Bowral to discuss motherhood, life mantras and creating the perfect sleep ritual.

(Shea, pictured in our Ania Print Twist Neck Blouse and Naomi Pant, with her children)

What trait do you most like in your kids that you have passed on?

Shea: I’m most proud to have passed on some self-confidence to my children. They both feel comfortable in their personalities and willing to express themselves which is a trait I have nurtured.

Danielle:  I have tried to teach kindness and compassion to my daughters.  They are very social children, and I think that also comes with their ability to be caring towards others.  They are still young, but it is lovely to see when those characteristics shine through.

What’s your mum mantra?

Shea: You can do anything but not everything.

Danielle: Smarter, not harder.

What’s one thing your mum has taught you that you want to pass on to your children?

Shea: My mum taught me that you don’t have to get it right the first time – it can take practice to get good at something and it’s important to be a ‘good loser’.

Danielle: My Mum is incredibly self serving and kind.  She does everything for her family. I hope that through her influence that my children will also be very kind and caring towards others.

Where do you escape to for moments to yourself?

Shea: Samford State Forest. It’s a short drive from where I live and such an immediate immersion in nature. I also love to escape to my home office where I can do my yoga and meditation in peace.

Danielle: Exercise is my escape.  Be it swimming or pilates, that time to myself to golden!

(Shea in our Relaxed Cable Knit Jumper)

What are some of your best self-care tips?

Shea: I really think self-care needs to be a part of your everyday routine, and not an Instagram worthy photo. I like to nourish my body with great, fresh produce from my local market and make sure I incorporate movement every day.  

Danielle: Always prioritising some time for yourself.  Every day is ideal, even if it’s a brief walk outside in the fresh air.  Shea she has educated me on the benefits of meditation, and I am really enjoying it!

What is the funniest thing your kid has said?

Shea: When we’d take his lego away for being naughty, Max went through a phase of telling us “you ruined my whole life” and he’s 4.

Danielle: Similar to Shea, when we have had to be firm with youngest daughter Camilla, she has told me that ‘I’m not your best friend ever’!

What is the most inspiring thing your kid has said?

Shea: When we were asking Molly what she wanted to do when she grows up, she said she wanted to be just like me. 

Danielle: If they have ever seen me after a bad or stressful day, they tell me they love me and that I’m doing a good job.  You can’t feel bad after being told that!

(Danielle, pictured in our Cable Knit Jumper, with her daughter)

What are you best sleep secrets?

Shea: I’ve just purchased an Oura ring and can’t believe the insight I’ve been having into my own sleep cycle, especially compared to my previous smart watches. I was surprised at which stages of sleep I needed to improve on and have set myself some challenges and goals to improve on.

Danielle: To always prioritise my sleep.  Being a Mum, I’m focused on caring for my family, especially making sure our daughters get good sleep.  But in order to do that, I need good quality sleep. So I always try to get at least 8 hours each night.  Then I can operate at my best.

What was your thought process behind the sleep retreat?

With sleep problems still on the rise, we were constantly being asked for more information on how to help people re-discover quality sleep. So the brainstorming began. We thought about short workshops, podcasts, apps, lectures, video streaming, eBooks, online courses, and more… Nothing was quite right – we wanted a mixture of education and relaxation, science and deep sleep, meditation and mindfulness. So we realised a Retreat could be the answer for personalised help with sleep.

(Danielle, pictured in our Clementine Cashmere High Neck and Ania Print Skirt, playing with her children)

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