How To Make Your Luxury Wool Items Last

The softness of a wool garment is easy to fall in love with, so you likely want those pieces to last for many winters to come. Keep reading to find out how you can get the most out of your treasured wool pieces.

Made To last

Due to the biodegradable nature of its fibre, wool garments last longer and can be washed less. For the conscious consumer, wool is the perfect choice, as it does not shed synthetic microfibres into our waterways.

Maintaining Shape and Structure

A struggle we have all faced is to avoid stretching out our favourite knit pieces. There is nothing worse than having your wool garments sag and bulge. To avoid this, ensure all pockets are empty. If your wooly item has buttons or zippers, make sure they are completely done up.

A useful tip is to always hang woven garments. Opt for a shaped or padded coat hanger to maintain its shape for longer. Knitted pieces however, should be gently folded and placed in drawers.

This might sound odd, but your wool garments need to rest. Once worn, giving your wool apparel 24 hours before wearing them again will allow the item to recover and return to its original shape.

Avoiding Stains and Odours

Brushing woven garments will remove soil that you may have attracted throughout the day. Using a garment brush is important to avoid dust and dirt forming stains later on. Built up soil and dirt can also dull the colour of your wool items.

Airing out your wool apparel is an important step to remove odours. For knitted items, lay them flat on a bed or on a towel rack. Woven garments can be hung in fresh air on a suitable hanger.

Maintaining Softness

Whilst many wool garments do not require ironing, you should always use steam when pressing wool. Even hanging your garment in a steamy bathroom can do wonders for softness as well as effortlessly removing any wrinkles.

If wool gets wet, avoid drying the garment outside in direct sunlight. We recommend drying the item inside instead, there’s nothing worse than when our wool pieces lose their movement and softness.

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