How To Get Ready Faster

“Working hard and working smart can be two different things.” Byron Dorgan

It’s a phrase we wholeheartedly agree with, which is why we’ve compiled a few ways on how to get ready faster.
There’s no better feeling or calmer way to start the day than knowing you’re prepared and organised; it actually helps you have a better day.

Whilst these tips might seem a bit like hard work to start off with, it’s worth taking the time to try a couple. They aren’t going to revolutionise the way you live overnight, but at the very least they’ll give you five extra minutes of snoozing or time to grab a coffee on the way to work.

Once you’ve gotten a handle on your new routine — and some more sleep — we promise, it’ll all be worth it.

Plan The Night Before

If nothing else, plan your outfit (or a few options) the night before. This will save all the back and forth in the morning and the stress of having to decide in 5 minutes (that you don’t have) before you’re meant to be walking out the door. Also, checking the weather for the next day whilst doing this will avoid any surprises should the forecast not be suited to any planned outfit choices.

Do Everything Else First

Putting on your clothes should be the absolute last thing you do. Breakfast, makeup, emails — it should all come first. Not only do you avoid opportunities to crease or spill on your outfit, but you also can spend that time thinking about what you want to wear.

Store Clothes In Outfits

Save yourself the time you usually spend frantically searching through your wardrobe for an item that ‘goes with’ the garment in your hand by keeping items together in outfits on the hanger.

With all that said and done, shop our New Arrivals and put the above to the test!

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