How To Care For Leather

Leather pieces are a smart long term investment: being both luxurious and practical. It’s a fabric that ages beautifully. To keep your leather wardrobe staples in the best possible condition wear-after-wear, simply follow our guide to caring for and cleaning leather.


Cleaning & Care

All leathers are finished differently; some may be dry cleaned, while others need to be spot cleaned; make sure you read the inner care label before cleaning.

– If the care label indicates that your piece can be pre-treated you should apply a leather protector before your first wear. We recommend testing on a small, less visible area to ensure no staining will occur.

– Wipe down leather after wearing as this helps to prevent a build up of dirt and salt which can corrode the surface of the leather over time.

– Apply a leather conditioner every few months. A lanolin or beeswax-based cream will soften while protecting leather over time and helps to stop it cracking in places of rigorous pressure or contact.

– To spot clean dark leathers, apply a small amount of leather cleaning product to the area you wish to treat and leave out to dry naturally. Do not leave leather garments in direct sunlight or near strong sources of heat as this can cause leather to oxidise or crack. For stains on lighter coloured leather we recommend taking your garment to a leather care specialist.

Leather Storage

Shoe trees are an ideal way to store shoes and boots, but there are other options that work just as well. Shoes can be filled with newspaper to soak up moisture and retain their original shape. Any soft or slouchy shaped leather handbags can be stored flat on their side with a small amount of tissue paper inside.

Structured bags need to be stored upright with a dust bag full of newspaper to best keep their shape. It’s best to avoid hanging bags by their straps or storing anything on top of them, as this can cause more delicate leather to stretch.


Traveling With Leather

Whether you want to take your favourite piece along with you, or transport your newly-purchased garment home safely, careful packing is essential.

Taking your items with you in hand luggage can help prevent creasing. If you have to pack your leather into your suitcase, try to keep it in a separate compartment or on top of your luggage and ensure you unpack promptly on arrival at your destination.

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