Five Habits of
Positive People

For some people, it’s easy to walk on the brighter side of life. Even if they’re sitting in traffic running late, or spilled coffee on their new white shirt – they can laugh it off with a smile (and mean it). Positive people: we see you, and we like your style. So we’ve collected 5 simple habits of positive people to help us all see a little sunshine on a cloudy day.

1. De-stress & recharge.

AKA exercise, and/or meditation. Positive people know how to cope with life’s stressors, and these two stress-relieving behaviours can actually promote positive emotions. Bonus: exercise and meditation help you think more clearly too.

2. Self Love

Positive people are not afraid to be themselves and celebrate small wins. Gratitude for every moment, big or small, is just another opportunity to add positivity into their day.

3. Plan ahead

For positive people, organisation is key – but only to a point. They like to have an overarching plan, but don’t spend too much time getting bogged down in the detail such that it clouds their mind.

4. Embrace the negative

We all face tough times eventually. The trick used by positive people is to stay positive, while keeping themselves grounded in reality. Remember: this too shall pass – just take it one step at a time.

5. Live in colour

Weaving colour through their lives and wardrobes allows positive people to share their optimism with the world. Colours of note to try: Yellow, the colour of the mind – optimistic and cheerful; Green, the colour of balance – self-reliant and positive; and Orange, the colour of optimism.

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Sunflower image credit: @thesunflowerpage

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