Fascinators: The Ultimate Guide

A fascinator is a great way to stylishly accessorise your outfit, especially if you’ve already exhausted your options for jewellery and a handbag, and just need that little extra bit to nicely finish it off. But how do you choose the right one for your outfit?

How to wear fascinators

Pattern matching
If you’re already wearing a quite vibrantly patterned dress, it’s probably better to go for something a little more subtle in a fascinator. Try sticking to just one colour, with minimal embellishments. Something that sits against your head (rather than for example, flamboyant feather embellishments), will offer a wonderfully classy finish to your outfit, as well as having the additional benefit of feeling more secure while you wear it..

Choosing a patterned dress can often make it difficult to know what colour accessories to go for, but it’s a good idea to draw out the style by choosing the more subtle of the two. For example, a detailed pattern will work well with either a white or navy shade of accessory, but choosing the lighter of the two can bring out the subtleties of the pattern.

Making a statement
If you’ve decided to go for something a little more subtle with the rest of your outfit, try a lace style, accompanied by classic shoes. You can really make a fascinator the main focus of your look. But remember that unless you know you’re going to be able to take it off, don’t opt for one that’s a little obstructive. While beautiful feathers and mesh that shades your face may look dramatic, it’s not worth it if it’s going to hinder your vision!

Making a statement with a fascinator can be great fun, just don’t forget to keep things appropriate for the event you’re attending. There’s nothing worse than being sat at a wedding with a view that’s obstructed by feathers!

Pair with classic heels

How to wear them
Some fascinators are easier to place than others. For example, those that sit on headbands are simple to position, whereas those that are attached to fine hair combs can be slightly trickier. These types are best worn on one side of your head. Experiment with different levels to see where it sits best, and don’t be afraid to use a little hairspray to secure it in place, shielding the delicate materials with your hand as you do so.

Avoid wearing your fascinator on the very top of your head like you would a hat, they make the strongest impact when worn to the side, or neatly incorporated into your hairstyle. It’s also important to make sure you cover the comb section of your fascinator – you don’t want to ruin the illusion a delicate fascinator can create!


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