Dressed For Success: 5 Tips for Interview Dressing

With the varying dress codes and cultures in the modern workplace, the challenge of dressing for an interview can seem as daunting as the appointment itself. Creating the right impression can be a key factor in landing that dream job, therefore selecting the right outfit is vital for ensuring you feel confident and composed for the task ahead.

1. Consider the Company

When selecting an interview outfit, the first step is considering the company you’re interviewing with. A well-tailored power suit and heels may be appropriate for a corporate law firm, but could appear stuffy to a room full of media execs. First impressions are crucial so think about the message you’re trying to convey to your prospective employer.

2. Accent with Accessories
Sleek and considered accessories will add a polished and professional finish to any interview outfit. Opt for neutral hues with luxe accents. Finally make sure to pick a heel you can walk in; a confident stride is the first step to interview success.

3. Comfort = Confidence
Comfort is crucial in an interview look; allowing you to focus all of your energy on the task in hand. A printed knit or silk shirt is both effortlessly elegant and soft against the skin. Additionally, consider the fit of your garment, ill-fitting or too tight clothing can prove a distraction for both you and the interviewer.

4. Express Your Personal Style
It’s important to feel good in what you’re wearing, so don’t be afraid to express your personal style. Adding a printed blouse or opting for a contemporary silhouette is a great way to put across who you are as an individual.

5. Invest in Outerwear
The finishing touch to any interview look is complementary outerwear. A classic trench or long-line coat ensures a polished silhouette, or opt for a lightweight tailored jacket as the months grow warmer.

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