Cover Ups – A guide

So you’ve found the perfect outfit, you’ve sorted your accessories and you’re more than ready to spend a day at the races, but one thing missing – a cover up. Being an all-day affair, you sometimes need an extra layer when heading off to the races, especially if you’re going to be moving outdoors and outside throughout the day.

Matching cover ups to your outfit can be difficult. There’s the shape, length and colour to think about, so let’s break it down…

Something Reliable
Sometimes, it’s often simpler to keep your outer layer classic. When you’ve branched out with your dress, been daring with your accessories and are braving the heels, a classic cover up brings the perfect balance between comfortable styles, and fashion statement looks.

A wraparound style such as a wrap coat is the perfect choice for dresses that float around your knees or below, and the lapel style means you can completely cover up when it’s a little cooler, or wear it open for a more relaxed approach.

One Style Fits All
The leather jacket – it’s a classic look that works with a multitude of outfits. The style makes it formal enough to be worn with race day attire, as well as being great for dressing up a simple jeans and T-shirt look on days off. Wear a fitted leather jacket for a chic look on race day – the nipped-in back helps to create a flattering sculpted silhouette.

Jackets that sit on your hips work well with most styles of dresses, including pencil skirts shapes, and flared styles.

Something Cosy
If you’re looking for an extra layer that’s perfectly comfortable for when the time comes to head home, a cardigan is the perfect choice. A cardigan or shawl made from wool can make all the difference when it’s time to get cosy after a long day of fun. A wrap coat is great to layer over your dress – or even simply drape over your shoulders.

Flared styles work particularly well with fitted dresses – and eliminate the risk of too many flares and frills in your outfit.

If you’re on the lookout for the ideal outfit to wear to the races, check out our guide to choosing a race day outfit.

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