How to care for Wool

Our tips and tricks on caring for your favourite knitwear pieces.

Begin by always checking the care label on your knitwear pieces, as some may be machine washed on wool settings. Most knits however fare best when washed by hand and by following these 3 cardinal rules.

1. Soak in Tepid Water

Never use hot water to wash your knits as this will destroy the fibres and cause the knit to felt up. Not only will this ruin your knit but it may also resemble a dog coat! Wash gently by soaking the garment in tepid water for 10 minutes using a mild wool detergent.
TIP: Avoid using detergents with enzymes or bleaching agents – these are a big NO!


2. Rinse with Vinegar

Fill your sink with 50ml of water and mix in a ¾ cup of vinegar. The vinegar removes soap residue and corrects yellowing, as well as gives the wool a gentle sheen.
TIP: Rinse garment a second time to remove vinegar.

3. Pat and Wrap Dry

Wet knits can easily be stretched out of shape so it is best to wrap your washed knits in a towel and roll up, pressing firmly to remove the excess water. Lay the garment flat to dry and pat down gently into shape.
TIP: Button up cardigans before washing and leave done up to dry to retain its shape.


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