A/W 2018 Behind The Scenes

The David Lawrence Autumn-Winter 2018 collection has officially landed. With the careful thinking, deliberate setting and attention to detail that went into the campaign, we are sharing here the behind the scenes that brought our Autumn Winter vision to life.

The Location
The David Lawrence Autumn-Winter 2018 Campaign was shot at the Australian PlantBank, located in Australia’s largest botanic garden in Mount Annan. Built with the main purpose of being a seed repository, the PlantBank is home to millions of seeds kept in darkened cool rooms until they are needed for research or restoration purposes. The ever-growing collection of Australian native species is therefore conserved to safeguard our flora and to ensure Australia remains home to beautiful and vibrant flora species for generations to come.

Designed by the architecture firm BVN Donovan Hill, the PlantBank has received many prestigious awards including the National Award for Public Architecture and the National Award for Sustainable Architecture. The BVN Donovan Hill’s passion for beautiful architecture that is as breathtaking as it is viable and eco-friendly, deeply resonates with the David Lawrence philosophy.
With this in mind, it seemed only fitting that the setting for our new campaign, reflect our vision for fashion. With its thoughtful design that fuses beautiful shapes and sophisticated materials for timeless elegance, the PlantBank truly reflects the David Lawrence approach to fashion.

The Model
With her bright green eyes, Dutch model Annely Bouma elegantly showcases the David Lawrence Autumn-Winter 2018 collection. With over 10 years modelling experience, Bouma has traveled the world and walked the runways for prestigious fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Margiela and Proenza Schouler.

Bouma is not only experienced as she is radiant, but she has used her spotlight on the runway to make an important stance in the fashion community. Bouma is an advocate for women and young girls alike, encouraging us to embrace our individuality and the features that make us unique. Through her modelling journey and well-defined look, she redefines beauty standards in the modelling realm and asserts that “beauty without depth is only decoration”.

Follow her journey on Instagram @annelybouma

The Photographer
The David Lawrence Autumn-Winter 2018 Campaign was captured through the eye of Australian photographer Nicole Bentley. Shooting regularly for Vogue and Marie Claire, Bentley’s inspiring aesthetic echoes the David Lawrence collection – strong and feminine.

Bentley’s approach to fashion photography is unlike any other’s. Her ability to spin a narrative through her lens creates a personal connection between the model and her audience. Bentley narrates the David Lawrence story beautifully and artistically in this campaign. Through a combination of angles and positioning, she captures the delicate yet fierce nature of the women that have inspired the David Lawrence collection. Through flexible silhouettes, she portrays the attention to detail and sartorial elegance that defines our pieces.

Follow her work on Instagram @nicolebentleyphoto

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