In celebration of our Victoria Garcia collection, we have teamed up with incredibly talented accessories designer Viktoria Novak to bring you a luxurious embellished  Headpiece. Viktoria devoted hours to creating this piece especially for us for our 40th Birthday, hand sewing the Swarovski crystals, and weaving her delicate magic through the piece. These materials are so rare that it cannot be replicated, making it an incredibly special piece.

We spent a day with Viktoria to discuss her inspirations as a designer and her work creating our exclusive David Lawrence crown.

You’ve had a very creative background in interior design as well as fashion design, what led you to millinery? And what is it that you love so much about it?
This was a complete accident. When I was a child I always knew that I would be creative, I just didn’t know which field exactly. After high school, I studied interior design and always thought that was where I’d be. But soon I realised I didn’t want to dress rooms, I wanted to dress humans. I gave that up and studied fashion design. It wasn’t until the end of my course, when I was put in a millinery elective that I discovered a love for this world; one I never even considered.
I love millinery because of its timeless sentiment. You can have a good investment piece of jewellery such as a beautiful crown and it’s a forever piece. With fashion, trends come and go and that’s one thing that I want to make sure, that my pieces are not trend based.

What makes your pieces so unique?
They are unique because each one is hand made by me. Everything you see here has all been handmade by me and it’s because they are made with so much precision and love that when you’re dealing with a designer like me that is very pedantic about details, you know that what you’re getting is very special. It’s not just the way the beads have been sewn, if you turn it upside down there is a secret element underneath about how it was finished. I try to go above and beyond what you just see at face value, there is always a story or a really deep meaning into the piece, and that is what makes them so special.

How do you manage to collect the rare gems you use?
A lot of things come to me. My pieces are either things that I inherit or someone that’s passed down something or said “hey I found a whole treasure trove of brooches or vintage materials, or apliques or fabrics would you like them or would you like to purchase them?” Often they are old vintage pieces, no longer available. These things tend to find their way to me. I have been very lucky to get a lot of these components where I strongly believe that these pieces have come to me for a reason so I can create them into new beautiful pieces and let them live on.

How do you want women to feel when they wear a Viktoria Novak design?
There is something that happens when you wear one of my crowns, your body language, your confidence and your aura changes and you’re just positive. Our clients instantly become more regal, they stand up straighter and they just have this huge smile on their face. When I create them I want the wearer to feel confident and empowered. With us, it’s always positive, it always brings joy and it just makes it better.

What inspires you as a designer and creator?
My style inspiration is very organic and vintage. I’m inspired by anything that has history, anything really old and a bit spooky. I love the Renaissance era, Victorian, Edwardian …. everything has character. Very much old world, I don’t like modern. I am scared of the future. I am much more stuck in the past rather than looking forward to the future. That’s where the inspiration comes from. It’s all very old world.

You made this very special piece for the David Lawrence 40 year milestone, do you feel like this crown has a particular story?
Yes it does. The crystals used are very old, dating back to the late 60s early 70s. They are so rare and exclusive that you couldn’t begin to successfully replicate it. Crystals from all over the world come in standard sizes but it would be impossible to replicate because of their eye shape and marked lines. This one is very special for that reason, you can’t copy it, it can never be remade. Similarly, the way that the leaves are positioned, it’s supposed to feel very organic like a growing vine. If you look, there is a little bit of vintage applique inside the flower and then I finished it off with a hand sewn Swarovski crystal. There is a lot of vintage in there which I believe, holds energy from the past. This piece is one that will live on, and hopefully be passed down from generations.

What would be your go to styling tips for women wearing one of your crowns?
Keep the outfit quite simple and let the crown speak for itself. It is a statement piece and so should be styled as such. For example go with everything ornate, from head to toe. I think if you’re going to do it, do it and roll with it.


Inimitable and created from crystals that are decades old, this is a piece not to be missed.
Every one of Viktoria Novak’s pieces are unique, but this particular crown has a special story. Valued at over RRP 2.5K, the crystals used date back to the late 60s. These materials are so rare that it cannot be replicated, which is what makes this crown so special. Viktoria devoted hours to creating this especially for us for our 40th Birthday, hand sewing the Swarovski crystals, weaving them through this bespoke piece.
Designed to last equally as long as its materials date back to, Viktoria hopes that whoever wins this crown will pass it down over generations.
1 lucky winner will become the owner of this unique piece.
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2.Comment on our competition post and tell us in 25 words or less…
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