8 Tips to dressing taller

dressing taller

Are you under 5 foot 4? Let’s face it, we’re not all the 6 foot plus glamazons that grace the runway and magazine covers but that doesn’t mean we can’t have their style, and look just as tall whilst doing it.

1. The V-Neck Illusion

Taking the focus away from your midsection forces the main point of concentration higher up where you can accessorise your look with a statement necklace if you wish. Just remember to not show too much skin to keep an overall sophisticated look.


2. Back To Basics

Monochrome has always been our friend. By wearing one colour, particularly darker tones like navy, black and grey, this age old trick will help enhance your body by creating a vertical line. This distracts the eye, and often creates the illusion of being taller. If you want some colour, keep it simple and stick to one lighter shade for your bag or shoes.

3. Your New Favourite – The Cropped Pant

This one’s a game changer and one that is easily versatile all year around. By showing an extra inch or two of skin you make your legs look longer by making it seem they don’t fit in normal clothes. Just don’t get caught out in pants that are too cropped, a Capri pant is not the style we are going for.


4. The Cuff

Keeping on with the crop trend, adopting a similar effect with your straight-leg and boyfriend jeans can provide the same result. Roll them up to about a half inch above the ankle.

5. The Flare Is Back

The fit of the jean is the crucial part – ideally you will have the waistband that sits around your belly button then goes slim through the leg and out at the bottom. The flare shape at the bottom is the key factor to what makes it seem the leg is longer. To really give your look height, pair with a waist length top or blouse to tuck in. Heels are a non-negotiable on this look.


6. Make The Mini Work For You

If you are taller, calf and knee lengths are the better option, but if you’re short, then opt for a mini length. There are many mini-skirt or mini-dress options that are still very modest which will enable you to show just the right amount of skin and at the same time extend the look of your legs.

7. Flats Are Your Friend

The simple fact is pointed toe flats elongate the leg line, thus once again making you seem taller. Invest in a few pairs not only for the working week but also to wear on the weekend.

8. Bigger Is Not Always Better

The key is to make the eye look vertically, not horizontally as width will reduce the amount of height the eye takes in. Ensure you don’t go too big or too small with your accessories, scale them to your body size. A clutch, cross-body bag or small top-handle totes are the best options.


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