6 Styling Tips That Won’t Go Out Of Fashion

Sometimes we all find it hard to put an outfit together, whether it’s for work, the weekend or that special occasion. It doesn’t always have to be a statement necklace or the latest the bag to complement your look – the simple things usually make the most impact – and are free, as they say.

If you find yourself stuck next time, try one of the following styling tips to help you. These are simple, yet timeless tips that won’t go out of fashion and can be adapted to any situation.

Roll ‘Em Up

Long sleeves are a blessing, not a curse. Use it to your advantage and turn even your most corporate shirt into a casual vibe look by rolling the sleeves. You might think a button-down is too formal, but if done right, this look will soften your outfit and create the perfect balance of smart-casual.


The Belt

Thought something was missing? Next time try adding a belt as sometimes the smallest detail can make your outfit complete. Whether it’s a dress, coat or oversized shirt, adding a belt will finish off and complete your look for every occasion.


Tie The Knot

Without a belt, the next best thing to define your waistline is to tie a knot. Not only is this a fun option it gives a little more of a creative finish and can really add the finishing touch to your look. If you want to experiment even more, try adding a shirt or tee over the top of a dress so it seems you’re wearing a skirt, then tie the top at the waist – this creates the illusion of two separate pieces.

Off The Cuff

An easy, but sometimes forgotten technique is rolling the cuff of your jeans. Not only can you make this look versatile for nearly any occasion, it allows you to show off your shoes!

Experiment and play around with how you cuff them, the opportunities are endless. Whether you want them polished and more refined or a little more casual and undone, you can make this look work for you no matter where you are going. Just keep in mind straight-leg jeans call for a single cuff whereas the baggier boyfriend variety best suit a rolled effect.

Tuck It

If you want to go a little more relaxed and still show your look is polished and considered, try tucking in your top. You can opt for a half tuck, a more casual look which will work well with jeans and a tee, or tuck the whole front and let the tail hang at the back for more of a considered look.

Let It Drape

To take your look to the next level, try draping a jacket over the shoulders. An easy option, yes, but one that will instantly make you look effortless.


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