5 tips & tricks to keep your summer whites bright

Nothing adds a fresh finish to summer looks like clean white jeans or a sparkling white cotton tee; the challenge is keeping your whites bright throughout the season. Here we outline five easy and effective tips for keeping your garments looking clean and pristine for the summer months and beyond.

1. Pre-treat
Pre-treat any stubborn stains with household detergent or clear shampoo prior to washing; this ensures the stain isn’t set by the washing process. Apply stain remover directly to the stain using a clean toothbrush and gently scrub. Make sure to check the label of your garment before applying any stain remover.tip-1

2. Separate your whites
Make sure to separate whites from all other coloured laundry, all fabrics, including lighter ones, will lose some dye in the washing process which will leave your whites looking less than bright.tip-2

3. Use natural alternatives
Use natural alternatives to chemical stain removers; lemon juice, baking soda or a splash of vinegar added to your white wash will ensure a clean bright finish as well as being kinder on both skin and fabric.tip-3

4. Treat mishaps or spillages on-the-go
Keep a stain stick in your handbag for treating any mishaps or spillages on-the-go, this will also help to prevent any more permanent staining to your garment later on.tip-4

5. Use white chalk
Use a piece of white chalk to remove grease or oil stains on whites; chalk will act as a blotter and absorb any oil away from the material which will then be removed after washing in the machine.tip-5

The information provided in this post is intended as a general guide, please consult the care label of your garment before treating and if in doubt contact your local dry cleaning or laundry service for further advice.

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