Five Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

Our mothers gave us life, cared for us through infancy into adulthood and are always there to comfort us and give advice about everything from fashion to love. So what do you buy your Mum to say thank you for everything she does? Something thoughtful and elegant, just like her!

Say it with flowers
A simple bunch of flowers is the quintessential Mother’s Day gift idea. However, with such a short shelf life, the joy they bring doesn’t last nearly long enough. A great twist on this classic is to buy a prolifically flowering potted plant in a beautiful pot. Give a small chrysanthemum a try – known as a “living bunch of flowers” they will brighten up your Mum’s month, rather than just one brief week. Alternately, try a simple orchid or cyclamen for beautiful, low maintenance flowers that last for ages.

The gift of time
The ultimate Mother’s Day gift idea is, of course, time spent with you. But if you’d like to make a concrete gesture, as well as a symbolic one, give your Mum an elegant watch. Choose one in a simple, clean metal like gold or silver, with a plain band so it will never go out of style. And as a thoughtful finishing touch, have it engraved with a short message and the date you gave it to her.

Ladies who lunch
A lot of mothers spend all their time worrying about everyone else, and forget to treat themselves. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to spoil your Mum and do for her what she wouldn’t necessarily do for herself. Buy her a soft, feminine outfit and take her out for a long lunch to make her feel beautiful and loved. Choose an ensemble with simple pieces that will mix and match effortlessly with her existing wardrobe, like a dark pair of cigarette pants and a soft knit, so she can feel warm and loved all winter long.

Made with love
When we were little Mother’s Day gifts were always handmade, from a crooked mug to a Mother’s Day badge or wobbly drawing, these were gifts your Mum still undoubtedly treasures. Even though you’re an adult now, it doesn’t mean you can’t give her a handmade gift. A hand knitted scarf is about as thoughtful as it gets, and seasonally appropriate. Have a look at Pinterest, or even YouTube, for some simple tutorials and get knitting! (And if your knitting is unsuccessful, a scarf is still a fantastic gift, go with a floral to add femininity and interest to a simple outfit).

Another classic Mother’s Day Gift idea, jewellery is always a great option for Mum. A quality piece well-chosen will stay in her collection forever and always serve to remind her of you. A bold coloured necklace is a great choice to brighten up more muted outfits and she’ll love to be able to say it was a Mother’s Day gift when complimented by her friends.

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