5 Lessons We’ve Learnt From Jackie Kennedy

Of all the enigmatic women in history, few measure up to Jackie O in terms of style. It’s hard to look at a pair of over-sized sunglasses or a statement coat without being reminded of the always elegant Jackie Kennedy.

Women around the world are falling in love with her fitted silhouettes all over again as Natalie Portman dons a pillbox hat and voices Jackie O’s signature rasp to perfection in the new film Jackie. Five decades later, and there are still a plethora of fashion tips we can take from the most stylish first lady to grace the White House.

It’s all in the eyes
Oversized glasses are Jackie Kennedy personified in an accessory. Jackie’s staple square framed glasses added to her signature mystique and remind us how important it is to own a good pair of sunglasses which suit your face shape. While a square frame will suit almost all face shapes (except square), why not try other retro classics which are back in vogue, such as a pair of mirrored aviators or some round frames to add some 60’s flair to your look. Sunglasses can provide the ultimate cover up and can bring a much needed touch of glamour to your everyday ensemble.

Keep. It. Simple.
Jackie O wasn’t just the Queen of Camelot, she was also the queen of keeping it simple. Be it a simple colour scheme or paring it down to one accessory, such as a single strand of pearls, she proved that you don’t need lots of high priced, trendy pieces to exude class. Above all she taught us that a simple dress can take you everywhere; like a midi dress, in a timeless colour like navy that can take you effortlessly from hot summer days to elegant summer evenings.

Show off your silhouette
Creating a striking silhouette not only makes you appear well put together, but can even be show stopping. Jackie O was flawless in her ability to accentuate her silhouette with a belted dress or a fitted jacket. A beautiful coat is an investment piece which will serve you well year after year, and when fitted properly, will make you look slim and polished. To achieve Jackie O’s signature shape try a coat belted at the waist, such as a classic Trench, but maybe in an unsuspecting colour. It will go with just about anything and will look after you during sudden summer downpours and into the cooler autumn to come.

Pop some colour
While she loved to keep it simple, Jackie O wasn’t afraid to play with brighter tones. And what better way to bring some playfulness to a simple, neutral outfit than by accessorising with colour? Not just for the dreary days of winter, a vibrant scarf, such as this orange and purple poppy print number can be knotted around your neck, tied to your handbag or (if you’re having a bad hair day) worn as a headscarf to simultaneously give you a colour boost and achieve the ultimate Jackie O look.

Intelligence is your greatest accessory
While her fashion was iconic, it was her inner workings that built the legend of Jackie O as we know her today. Jackie had worked as a reporter (even interviewing Richard Nixon) before her term as first lady, was fluent in multiple languages and finished out her days as a senior book editor at Doubleday; reminding us of how alluring being well rounded is. Whether you love classic novels, French films or are a keen baker in your spare time, the best and most timeless accessory you can have is passion and being able to strike up an interesting conversation, truly the best way to achieve that Jackie O allure!


Image Source: The Blonde Salad

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