5 Different Ways to Style Your Outfit with a Belt

Do you regularly look in the mirror and feel that something small, yet crucial, is missing from your outfit? We know exactly what that item is – the belt!

Adding a belt is a great way to finish off an outfit and make it appear polished. An accessory available in a myriad different textures and colours, from leather to satin and metal, there are as many women’s belts out there as there are outfits to style them with. Here are our top tips for styling your outfit with a belt.

Once the cooler months arrive and layering becomes a necessity, particularly in the transitional season of Autumn, it can be easy to become swamped by clothing and lose your curves. A women’s belt is a fantastic remedy for this. Wrap a skinny belt around your waist over a dress and leave your jacket or coat open to reveal your figure below.

Breaking Up Your Outfit
It may sound counter-intuitive, but a great way to pull your outfit together, is to break it up. Separate a printed top from a differently textured bottom (like a striped tee and tweed pencil skirt) with a belt in a neutral tone or natural fabric like leather. Throw a cropped jacket over the top for a polished finish.


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Defining Maxi Skirts
Maxi skirts are hugely popular and will be seen on women around the country this season. While they are almost as comfortable as they are chic, it’s easy to lose your shape while wearing one. However, a belt is an instant cure for your maxi skirt woes. Opt for a belt with beautiful detailing to not only break up your outfit, but to add interest and accentuate your waist.

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Adding Colour
Often, during the cooler months, the colours we gravitate towards can be a little too muted. A belt can add a much-needed pop of colour to autumn and winter’s darker ensembles. You don’t have to go for fluorescent colours or over the top summer brights, but a silver, turquoise or on-trend print belt can breathe new life into your look.


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Cinching Coats and Jumpers
On those particularly brisk days, it’s not always possible to leave your coat unbuttoned or to go without a jumper. Never fear, you can still look beautifully polished, remain warm and not lose your shape with the help of a lovely women’s belt. Cinched over the thickest of overcoats or worn on top of a chunky sweater, you instantly gain a waist and remain stylish when adding a medium width belt which complements the colours in your outer wear.

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